Cadence has been working the last few months on refining our brand image. A huge part of this was to redesign our entire website. Go to and start exploring! You will find it much easier to navigate through the website on a laptop/tablet/smartphone, find what you need, and research product.

As you explore, you will see that we have pages for all uses of our products- Car, Pro, Marine, Powersports, Motorcycle, and Competition

There is an About page that gives you the history of Cadence and our mission in the industry. 

You can keep up with what’s happening on our News page. Press Releases, announcements and more can be found in Cadence News.

Have questions? Check out our FAQs page. 

If you need to find your nearest dealer, check out our dealer locator. If you’re interested in becoming a dealer, you can do so here

If you have products that you would like to register, now you can! 

If you need to get in touch, but you do not know who to contact, see our Contact page.


We have Cadence Product on the website, and more will be coming soon. In just a few weeks, you will even be able to purchase product from the Cadence website!

A big thanks to Dot Matrix Design Group for taking the lead in designing the new Cadence website!

For more information or to find out how to join the #CadenceTeam, please contact us at


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